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We are interested in providing an opportunity for 3rd or 4th-year veterinary students to obtain a preceptorship with us. Our practice is in a county of about 10,000 people, with one other practice in our community with which we share a positive relationship. We are located near a large reservoir that offers multiple recreational opportunities. Our companion animal practice is robust and we are well equipped, including digital radiographic equipment, both fixed and portable, small animal and livestock ultrasound, in-house chemistry, and hematology equipment, high-quality microscopy, surgical monitoring, therapy laser, and a hydraulic cattle chute. We have a modest equine and cow/calf practice, and we see small ruminants and camelids as well. We also do the health inspection and cattle processing at one of the largest and best-run auction markets in the state with sales once or twice a week depending on the time of year. As part of a rural community, we of course offer emergency services. We currently have 2 veterinarians on staff, and 3 licensed veterinary technicians. Our practice has been part of this community for over 40 years, and some of our staff have been with us for more than 20 years. We feel that this demonstrates a positive working environment. 


Cases and activities in our practice vary seasonally,  Our clinic also cooperates with several cat rescues in the area and provides discounted spay and neutering services, as well as TNR. Summer sees a general decline in work at the auction market, generally closed down for a couple of weeks in July, an increase in companion animal volume and equine visits, and an associated increase in emergency calls from folks that come to the area for recreation and bring their pets. The practice owner also has a small cow herd that would provide some hands-on opportunities.

Students who wish to take part in a preceptorship at our clinic can be provided with housing and modest financial compensation during their time with us.

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